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About Me

I went through a deep journey of self-inquiry and transformation, and this is how I got here. I carry all appropriate certifications for the methods used. My formal education is in business management. The subject of personal development, has been a life-long interest. 

Point A 2019

Miroslava's transformation journey

  • Career: running a 5-star, 100-acre international equine operation. May seem like a dream job for many, but I wasn't doing what I truly loved. Went into the industry to support family business endeavors. 

  • Personal life: single again, lonely and craving a true connection

  • Parenting: arguing with my teenage son. He is failing in school and depressed.

  • Family: arguing and angry with them

  • Friends: absolutely no time and energy for friendships

  • Health: hypochondriac, constantly at trying something new: nutritionist, ayurveda, chinese medicine, the list goes on.

  • Hobbies: What?

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Point B 2022

Miroslava's transformation journey

  • Career: Doing dream-work! Working with people and helping them change lives.

  • Personal life: Happily married. 

  • Parenting: Awesome, deep connection and understanding with my son. He is a straight A student, feeling happy and fulfilled.

  • Family: Warm and supporting connection.

  • Friends: Connecting with old and new friends all the time.

  • Health: No outside support needed.

  • Hobbies: Back to childhood passion of dancing. Enjoying life! 

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